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Ohio Valley Natural Fibers


"Custom Fiber Processing at it's BEST"

Woolen Mill - Custom Processing

Owners as of 4/1/15:  Ron and Dianne Ganslein


8541 Louderback Road

Sardinia, OH  45171-9603

Phone:  937-446-3045  -  Email:  info@ovnf.com



To our customers--current and potential,


My apology for an error I made when releasing our new pricing effective on orders received after 6/1/18.  I failed to subtract the washing charge from the processing charge under our new pricing strategy, so the processing charges were all overstated by $7/lb. Not only was the pricing wrong on the website, but also on the brochures I had at our shows.  


want to say a special thank you to Sara Dunham (Punkin's Patch at Equinox Farm) for questioning us!!  Our customers are so special to us, I hope I have not caused any of you undue concern with this mistake.


The new pricing strategy is intended to save more customers more money by aligning our pricing structure more closely to our costs across different services.  I know we are still priced at a premium to some of the larger mills, but we are closing the gap as we continue to drive efficiencies and improve production capabilities.

We have taken an increase on washing services by basing it on incoming weight (like other mills) vs. finished weight which is how we continue to bill all of our processing services. We remain committed to:

We hope that our current customers benefit from these savings.


Again, my apologies for the mistake and subsequent confusion,

Dianne Ganslein, Owner



It is sometimes difficult for us to answer the phone when equipment is running.

If you have difficulty reaching us at the number above, please try Dianne at 513-646-5503.  Our apologies for any inconvenience and we thank you for your patience.


 Mill hours are Monday - Friday 9am-4pm 

We love visitors!  It is best to call us in advance to let us know you are coming in, especially if you want a tour; plus we do have the occasional day where we are shut down due to equipment maintenance schedules, inclement weather, holidays, etc.


If you are working toward a special deadline, please let us know and we will work with you to accommodate your timing the best that we can.

                                                                                 Updated 9/6/18