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Ohio Valley Natural Fibers

Great Lakes Fiber Show - Saturday  May 24 & Sunday May 25 ---- Hope to see you there........................

Woolen Mill - Custom Processing

8541 Louderback Road

Sardinia, OH  45171-9603

Phone:  937-446-3045  -  Email:  info@ovnf.com


We are one of the largest Custom  Processing Mills in North America and have been producing natural fiber products

for over 30 years.  Our specialty is the custom processing and blending of fine and exotic fibers such as merino,

angora, alpaca, yak, llama, buffalo, dog, cat, cashmere to name a few. 


Along with producing lofty roving and pin drafted roving for hand spinning, we can also produce

exotic woolen blend yarns, quilt batting, comforter batting and felt batting to your, specific desires and

requirements.  We only have a one-pound minimum for hand spinner’s roving.  Using your fiber or ours, we can spin

yarns to your specifications.  We have some lovely yarns of our own to tempt you. We carry products for many crafts ,

books, spinning, felting, locker hooking and weaving supplies.  We are also handle some Ashford products.


A new product is the confidence building,  "Easy to Spin" Medium grade pre-draft roving $18.50/lb [white]